10 Ingenious tattoos that only intelligent people will understand and love


Human beings have always sought answers to our unknowns about the life and functioning of what surrounds us, have devised different theories and laws capable of explaining many phenomena of the universe; Sciences such as physics and astronomy study the complexity of the cosmos; others, such as chemistry, biology and medicine, give reason for the functioning of living beings and their natural environment.

And what about mathematics, considered the universal language, the fundamental pillar of other sciences, thanks to them we know that the human body is based on proportion and harmony. If you are an intelligent girl, avid scientist, doctor, researcher or just passionate about knowledge, we show you some designs that combine the art of tattooing and the mysteries of the world.

1. Inspired by the solar system

2. Constellations

3. Human anatomy

4. Golden ratio

5. Chemical molecules

6. Atoms

7. DNA sequences

8. Neurons

9. Equations

10. The phylogenetic tree by Hillis, Zwickl and Gutell

Tattoos With Amazing Meaning Behind Them (January 2021)