10 Infallible tips that a man must follow to fall madly in love with his girl


Take her to dinner at a nice place, go to the movies or accompany her to a family event, that will make any woman happy. Men think they know how to bring romance into the relationship, but there are many romantic gestures you should consider to make your partner happy.

So, take note of the fun and unique ways to show your girl how much you love her.

1. Make a list of songs

Some years ago the boys used to give their girlfriends a cassette or CD with their favorite music. Although you almost do not use to record music, making a cd your girl will make her feel very special, just by knowing that you took the time to choose her favorite songs her heart is going to melt.

2. Leave notes

Nothing cuter than to receive a little surprise that makes you smile. Write romantic notes and put them in places where she does not expect to find it, such as when opening her laptop or in her favorite book.

3. Take it to the past

Women love baby photos. Show him pictures of when you were little and how you grew up to become the handsome man you are now. Sure she will spend a pleasant time seeing all those memories and appreciate that you have shown that part of you.

4. Know what your favorite writer is

If it's about trying to track down or find some first edition of your favorite writer, or find an autographed novel online, it will make you feel the luckiest girl to have you.

5. Wear sexy underwear

Maybe it's not something that the kids feel very comfortable with, but of course we would like to see them making an effort to be seductive, they can even make some sexy poses, if it is very attractive at least it will make them laugh and that too he will love it

6. Dinner at home

When your girlfriend has had a heavy day at work, the best detail a boyfriend could have is to call her to tell her that he will bring something to dinner at his favorite restaurant. Nothing better than ending the day with a nice dinner and in the comfort of your home. Boys do not forget the drinks!

7. Prepare a dessert

Everyone can go to the super market to buy a cake or some cookies, but nothing will make her fall in love more than the knowledge that you took the time to cook her favorite dessert. Do not be afraid to try, we girls like to know that they strive to make us happy.

8. Make room for her in your apartment

It does not mean that the relationship is going to be super serious, but if she stays to sleep from time to time in your house, you could make some space in your closet or leave a free drawer so she can leave her things there, in this way you will show her that it is important for you to have her near you.

9. Write a romantic letter

The boys are not used to writing letters to their girlfriends, now any romantic thing they want to tell us they let us know with an inbox or a whats app.

Write her a love letter and send it to your zip code so that when she receives your correspondence, a huge surprise will be taken to make her smile. If they have no idea what to write, they can copy phrases from movies or books so that you can conquer their hearts.

10. Tell her that you love her

Telling your partner that you love her should be common in the relationship, but some women do not listen very often.

Try to tell her that you love her and how important it is to you, no matter when you tell her, she will always love to hear it.

10 Infallible Tips That A Man Must Follow To Make His Girl Madly In Love (January 2021)