10 Incredible vintage dresses your bridesmaids should wear


A wedding vintage It has all the charm of the times of yesteryear, which remind us of the tales of princes and princesses. If you are already planning your ceremony to have a classic touch, we show you the best designs so that your bridesmaids do not stay out of the theme and have the perfect wedding.

Yes, on the day of your wedding only you have the right to shine, but that is not why you will choose awful dresses for your bridesmaids, remember that they are your friends. For that reason, it highlights its feminine silhouettes with soft colors, flowers and, above all, a lot of variety.

1. Earth colors give you great options

In addition, they are ideal if your wedding will be outdoors.

2. Give a modern touch to what vintage

What vintage do not finish with the modern, mix skirts with tulle and crop top with lace in pastel colors, the result: bridesmaids with a lot of style.

3. Get a look sophisticated

Whoever said that the gray was depressing surely never wore a dress so sophisticated and relaxed at the same time.

4. The lilac tones keep the sweetness of the moment

The purple and lilac tones, combined with materials such as lace and tulle, will make your friends look beautiful.

5. Your dresses will give that fresh touch of newlyweds

If you want to achieve a natural and fresh environment, the mint color will do it for you.

6. Prints, flowers and solid colors for all

This type of dresses give a fresh touch to any wedding.

7. Take advantage of all the textures you can

A touch of rose never hurts. If you add sequins, flowers or lace to dresses with this color, they will all look shiny and sophisticated.

8. Same theme, different versions

This year, ladies can also wear gray tones in their dresses. The key is to highlight it with some lighter color.

9. Enhance your individuality

Mark the personality of each of your bridesmaids in different dresses.

10. Direct, elegant and simple

This mixture of gray and mint is perfect for any occasion.

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