10 Incredible photographs from before and now that show that friendship can be forever


Do you remember the girl you shared your lunch with if she forgot hers, with whom you played dolls and organized tea parties? Maybe it's the same one who is now your best friend, what I say friend, your sister, that woman with whom you have shared laughter and tears for many years.

If you are lucky and you have found that person you can trust and tell her your secrets, feelings and adventures, she will surely be with you for a long time. The friendships that begin in childhood are the strongest and here we show some photos of relationships that transcended over time.

1. Best friends for 60 years

Bonnie and Joanne were friends for 60 years, until Joanne died of breast cancer. Bonnie was at his side at all times and not a day goes by that I do not miss her and feel grateful for such a long friendship.

2. Friends for more than 50 years

All have maintained their friendship for more than 50 years, to date they are still together to play Bingo and celebrate birthdays, more than friends are considered sisters.

3. Friends for 50 years

They are Beverly and Renee friends for 50 years, together they shared important moments like their weddings, the birth of their babies and their birthdays. They have gone on a trip and have supported each other in difficult times, their friendship started because they were neighbors and their parents were friends.

4. Friends for 60 years

Gwen and Judy have been together for many years, continue to talk on the phone and meet from time to time, have relied on natural catastrophes and celebrated the arrival of their children and grandchildren.

5. 70 years of friendship

Janet and Roberta are over 70, they met at ten and are still in contact after so long.

6. Friends for 19 years

This group of friends at 10, 17 and 29 years old. They meet on every birthday.

7. Friends 20 years later

These guys recreated a childhood photo after 20 years of getting to know each other.

8. This group of friends takes the same photograph since 1982

Copco Lake, in California, is the stage for every five years to meet.

9. Friends of the school

These guys have only been friends for 9 years at school, hopefully they will remain friends for many years to come.

10. Friendship between boy and girl

This couple shows us that there can be friendship and not necessarily fall into the friendzone.

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