10 Images of the most imprudent women in the world; they never thought about the consequences


Many women are lovers of danger and like to feel the adrenaline when they risk taking part in activities such as riding a roller coaster or parachute; but there are others who have reached the limits of imprudence and without any protection, they have also put at stake their lives and even those of others.

Although it is believed that only men are lovers of doing things without thinking about the consequences, these girls show that there is no gender difference to compete for the prize for the foolishness of the year and this gallery shows us why.

1. It would be a pity if the lizard decided to close its mouth

2. What some people do to get attention

3. The worst place to try to be a trapeze artist

4. Possible accident in 3 2 1

5. This woman is not afraid of death

6. Please! Somebody do something!

7. Wherever you see it, a barbecue inside your house is not a good idea

8. Obviously he did not grow in the field

9. And then why do they say that women are a danger at the wheel

10. When you want to reflect on life, exposing yourself to death

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