10 Illustrations of animals so optimistic that they will improve your Monday


Have you thought that there are animals in the universe that can give you a lesson in positive attitude? Yes, they are not animals that you can find flesh and blood or see in a movie, but there is a way to know them: through the illustrations by Guy Kopsombut

Guy is the illustrator who places animals in situations that are inspiring. With his comics 4AM Shower share messages that can brighten the day to anyone. Check what we mean.

1. You help me believe that I can be more

2. Let's share sandwiches

3. We are close

4. I feel better when I'm with you

5. I see you

6. Thanks for your care

7. When things get complicated, I cover you

8. Thank you for treating me with love

9. I love being weird

10. Let's connect

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