10 Hidden series on Netflix that you need to see to continue your life


Since Netflix came into our lives has been responsible for making us dependent on the series and movies included in its platform, but we can not blame it because it has the healthy entertainment that most were looking for to have a good time. The only bad thing is that when we finish seeing a series we go into depression, we do not know how to continue and we hate not knowing about another to see.

Fortunately there are hidden series on the platform that, although they are not always easy to find, somebody was given the task of searching so that the rest could enjoy them. These are 10 Netflix series that you should not miss. Your reviews are almost perfect!

1. Residue

In 2015 Netflix premiered this series of science fiction and fantasy. The plot tells the story of eight survivors of an explosion that caused chaos in a futuristic city; the protagonists are trapped in a kind of paranormal limbo with creepy creatures.

The only unfortunate thing is that there are only three chapters of 44 minutes, but you have to see it on the friendly side: you will finish soon and you will not be so fond, so you can look for the next one.

2. The Frankenstein Chronicles

The discovery of a body formed by the members of eight children causes the authorities to initiate an investigation to find those responsible for this atrocity and other similar ones. The time in which this series is set makes the spectator stay on the edge of his seat.

3. The Fall

If you were left wanting to see Jamie Dornan acting, here you can do it. The story tells how a detective tries to enter the mind of a serial killer hidden in the facade of a family man.

4. Wormwood

The miniseries narrated with a documentary style focuses on the mysterious death of Frank Olson, a biochemical CIA employee who falls, or jumps ?, from a window in a Manhattan hotel. Errol Morris, his son, will be in charge of trying to discover what really happened with his father and what he was involved with.

5. Peaky Blinders

This series is a drama between gangsters that you should not miss. The story shows a criminal organization in England that emerged after the First World War and is responsible for running an illegal gambling establishment. The criminal actions of the band call the attention of Inspector Chester Campbell, a detective in charge of cleaning and tidying up the city.

6. Intersection

The drama follows the story of a marriage that marries very young, when finally they decide to have children they succeed, but unfortunately the baby dies, so they choose not to try again, but after many years the husband wishes to become a father and that is when the problems begin in marriage.

7. Land Girls

They are a group of girls dedicated to the house service who come together with the sole objective of helping to win the Second World War. The way they decide to create their own army will make you feel that women always achieve their goals regardless of the obstacles, all to save their home.

8. Lovebird

In this story, romance is the central point, but so are social conflicts and religious beliefs. During her vacation, the protagonist travels to take a break from her busy life, there she will meet the love of her life; however, there is a problem. It's your cousin!

9. Alias ​​Grace

Based on Margaret Atwood's novel, the drama takes place in Canada during the 19th century and tells the story of a housekeeper accused of a double murder and condemned for life.

10. The Good Witch

It tells the life of a widow and her daughter, who have supernatural powers. Both try to attract their new neighbors using their psychic powers, but nothing comes out as they really expect. The story is tinged with drama and comedy that make the series more enjoyable and interesting.

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