10 Funny tweets that will make you say that's me! when you send a voice note


Gone are the days when calls were constantly used to communicate; now everyone writes messages on Facebook, Snapchat and Whatsapp to start a conversation.

However, everything indicates that the voice notes have become a serious obsession for some users of social networks. These are 10 tweets that will remind you of your weakness for voice notes.

1. At least you always have stories to tell

2. That they do not beg you can cause this

3. Some people should be grateful for your advice

4. Sometimes they just have to insist a little

5. Sure, that's why you wait until the end to say what you think

6. Your idols are important, the rest can wait

7. With Queen Selena no one gets

8. Missing so many details

9. From this you could talk for hours

10. Although sometimes there is nothing to say

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