10 Funny stories that show that men definitely do not understand hints


When a girl likes a boy, the signs she gives may be very subtle, but if the misinterpretation is present, a great disaster may occur. Let's face it, a woman always tries to be clear, but there's never a lack of kids who just do not understand.

These funny stories show that men will never understand women, especially if they throw hints. Have you also tried to seduce a man and have resulted in this way? Share your story with us.

1. He was not interested in saving

When I was living with my boyfriend for years, feeling a bit flirtatious, I suggested that we could take a shower together, you know, to save water. Your answer: Why? We do not pay for water.

2. Point for this man

One day I was at home with my husband and I said: that suit looks very good, but it would look better on the floor. He only answered that that would wrinkle the suit.

3. How do you already know?

Watching TV in the living room with my boyfriend:

  • Me: (I applied some lip gloss strawberry flavor)
  • He: Why are you putting on lip gloss?
  • Me: It has a very sweet taste. You want to try?
  • He: No, I know what he knows

4. Cautious man is worth two

One day I went on a field day and I told the boy that I like:

  • Me: Hey, there's space in my tent if you want to join.
  • He: Thank you, but I brought my own tent.

5. The ice man

I asked a guy if he could use his shower and I left the door open as an invitation to join him. So he thought it would be fun to throw ice cubes on my body.

6. She wanted fire, he gave it to her

My current boyfriend and I started our relationship flirting in a fun way. I was always trying to find a way for him to get to second base. One very hot night (it was mid-August) we were sitting in his backyard with some of our friends drinking beer. I sat on his legs and said: I'm cold. She left me alone in the chair and set about making a giant bonfire. It took an hour. When he finished making the fire he sat on another chair, far away from me.

7. At least there were kisses

On a trip with a sports team from school, I had a huge crush on a boy. In short, we started kissing in a room full of people in the hotel. Then I told him to go to my room because I had forgotten something. When we came back I lay on the bed and he bent down to look for the thing that I forgot under the bed. We did not have sex that night.

8. This boy was very capable or very naive

When I was in high school, my friends and I went swimming in a local park and there was a guy I was playing with all the time. Later we went to the house of some friends and took his clothes to change in the bedroom. I went in there and told him that if he wanted a little help, he replied that he was totally capable of changing his clothes. Maybe he was very naive.

9. She asked him to play and he just pleased her

When I was in school, I fell in love with a boy, so I invited him to hang out at my parents' house while they were not there. When we were sitting on the couch, I told him that my parents would not be there for two hours and I asked him if he wanted to play a little. His response was: I do not know, maybe, you have video games or something. So we spent two hours playing with the Xbox

10. The boy who acknowledged his mistake

One cold winter night I was sending messages to my crush:

  • Me: Hey!
  • Ã? L: Hello
  • Me: I'm alone at home, do you want to come?
  • He: No, it's getting too cold outside, maybe later

In the early morning he called me and told me he was an idiot.

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