10 Funny memes that show how easy life would be without unnecessary dramas


We are used to the great stories of series, movies and certain situations in life, have a long and often confusing development that leave us thinking: what would happen if they saved everything complicated from the plot and reach the end?

Well, you will not have to continue with that doubt, because these memes will show you how everything would be if there was not all that drama that we are used to seeing. Although they are too funny, we have to admit that life would be too boring if we never made mistakes.

1. So Scott Pilgrim would not suffer for love

2. In this way Troy would remain a harmonious place

3. Hanna would still be alive if they had saved the drama

4. This is how real progress would have been born

5. Mitchi, sometimes parents put limits

6. And Mr. White lived happily

7. It would have been a great response

8. Peter would have saved himself so many tragedies

9. But without Goku we would not have an idol to worship

10. It would have been easier to understand the Death Note

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