10 Fun and unforgettable situations that you will only understand if you have a sister


A sister is the confidant that we did not ask but luckily she touched us; we appreciate everything he does for us and that does not leave us alone. At family gatherings it is our escape from the boring. Since we were little we were together and they never missed a fight or a drama, but they were always there.

Sisters, to dry my tears, fight with me and learn from life; Of course, also to scold me when necessary. That's why I will not deny that I lived with them the best things that make me happy when I remember them.

1. Protagonists of a novel

When playing, either with dolls or any other toy, there was always a story to tell, with their own dialogues, followed by a different intonation to the usual speech and in the end they always ended up fighting.

2. A specific code

Communicating with gestures and looks is a classic not to be discovered by mom or dad. The relationship between you is so close that even with a breath you know what the other one has; They always know what they think before they say it. They have phrases, names or jokes that you invented to identify a situation.

3. The room in the other is the best hiding place

You have an extra store in accessories, clothes and makeup in case of emergency; taking them without permission is pure adrenaline, although over time they exchange clothes that suit the other better. The best is when they are the same size in everything!

4. They are inseparable

Despite the fights and the bad spells, your sister will always be there, with you. A discussion between you does not last more than 24 hours, you get over it and that's it. In the end it will always be fun to remember those battles.

5. They are up to date with gossip

If the number of years between you is short, there will be friendships in common and, therefore, rumors to attend. One will always have more information about an event and will be in charge of making it known.

6. They teach you new things

If you are the younger sister you will realize that she learned to tie her shoes before you and shows you how to do it; He gives you recommendations and comments on his experience with anything. Also, practice with your makeup and outfits.

7. They keep secrets

They are very faithful and always there to help themselves. You will not be alone.

8. They defend you like nobody

If they mess with you, they mess with her. It does not leave you alone in problems.

9. Go together everywhere

Going to a party became fun when they both went, because your parents would not let out just one. That's how they got to know what was happening.

10. Sisters forever

It's your other half, it understands you in everything; As they are always together, their confidence is so great and you are not ashamed to do the minimum thing in front of her. She is the only one who tells you the truth even if it hurts and will never betray you.

Sometimes they are unbearable, but in spite of everything we will always give everything for them. In the end there is no better friend than a sister and grow together with so many memories to share.