10 Feminist illustrators that show the power of women through their work


Love is a universal feeling, capable of creating solid relationships of friendship, couple, family, etc., but the most important and must never be left aside, is self-love. The ingredients to make love lasting are: loyalty, solidarity, respect, love, fidelity and honesty.

In order to give all that to other people, first you have to give yourself the best. Self-esteem can be influenced by several aspects and goes through different periods over time. Some illustrators, important worldwide, have created characters that try to inculcate the self-esteem of women as one of the requirements necessary to be happy. These are ten of the women in art who only want to convey this important message through their work.

1. Alejandra Lunik

Alejandra Lubliner Gonik is originally from Santiago, Chile, but resides in Argentina. She studied illustration and is a graduate of the teaching in drawing of the National School of Fine Arts Manuel Blegrano, and member of the Forum of Illustrators of Argentina. She loves comics and is inspired by the ones she read when she was little, such as: The cat Felix, Krazy Kat and El Corto de Maltés.

2. María José Jara

She is an illustrator from Paraguay, who has created the character of Anita Dice, where it transforms the complaints of society into a clean and scathing vignette with which many can feel identified. María José began to draw a girl capable of shaking the minds with an innocent look and naif.

3. Carol Rossetti

She is a young illustrator and graphic designer originally from Brazil and loves to be a woman. In April 2014 he made his first illustration and was quickly recognized by the message he conveys in each of his drawings, created with a unique style that seeks gender equality. Its themes are taboo: female hair removal, rape, old age, polyamory, casual sex, beauty standards and many other issues that should get everyone's attention.

4. Flavita Banana

Flavia Álvarez began to draw from a very young age, her passion for art led her to study design and took higher illustration courses. His work expresses situations beyond the obvious. Try to interpret the thoughts of people and that is why he created his own style, stripped of masks and formalities. It stands out for its sincerity, mixture of emotions, cynicism and great sense of humor.

5. Itxasne

He was born in Spain 28 years ago, currently lives in Valencia. He loves literature and has decided to devote his life to illustration. She heads the world's most recognized feminist illustrators, despite having little time devoted fully, her work reflects her emotions, fears and longings.

6. Jone Bengoa

She is a young Basque illustrator who fills her pages and notebooks with watercolors, beauty and feminine power. In his drawings we find words of inspiration, despite their chaotic lines that come to pierce the conscience.

7. Raquel Riba Rossy

She is a Spanish cartoonist and illustrator, graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. He created a nice character called Lola Vendetta, who is responsible for criticizing the invisibility of women. Rachel writes in each drawing a memorial of grievances. She is a tireless feminist, denounces established historical roles and scant gender equality.

8. Rocío Salazar

This illustrator created a series of drawings titled What if I do not wax more? where it shows the task that all women live to show off their hairless legs and what would happen if they stopped doing it.

9. Sara Fratini

Born in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela, since childhood she liked to draw, so always try to bring a pen in the bag. He studied in Spain, France and currently lives in Italy. This illustrator has created a character named Martina Rossetto, who lives adventures typical of women.

10. Sara Arámburo

Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, she is best known by her pseudonym Sara Miau She is a cartoonist and illustrator who loves cats. His project has the purpose of showing the feminine and the feline.

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