10 Female characters that marked our childhood


When we were little there was only something really important for us: the cartoons, especially those that were made for women, but not in those who appeared as the damsel in danger who hoped to be rescued, but those of the warriors who taught us to fight It was more important than waiting for a prince.

Thanks to some characters we grew up as strong women and with determination, in addition, they taught us that we are worthy of the wisdom and nobility of our heart and that must be acknowledged. That's why here are the female characters that marked our childhood.

1. Serena Tsukino

Even though she is a little clumsy and careless girl, Serena fought until the last moment against the forces of darkness. Thanks to her we now know that innocence, kindness and love should always be in the first place.

2. Lisa Simpson

Lisa is a smart girl with a determination and unwavering ideals, but also shares a humor similar to that of her family. Thanks to Lisa we understood that we must always fight for our goals and not stop until we get them and, above all, fight when the causes are not fair.

3. Daria

Daria will always be remembered thanks to her sarcasm, her acid sense of humor and her intelligence. Fortunately for us, Daria gave us great lessons, like never having to endure a slob.

4. Arale

Arale was an innocent girl, full of energy and with a nice personality, do you remember her? Thanks to this little girl every day we can remember that we must be children inside of us and never let the problems of adult life consume us.

5. She-Ra, the princess of power

The twin sister of He-Man is equal or maybe more powerful than him. But beyond strength, he taught us that a woman must be independent and fight for her ideals. Oh yes, and also to make us look fabulous.

6. Cheetah

Cheetara is a strong, brave and beautiful girl who belongs to the Thunder Cats, but more than that is a character who stood out for being who thought more situations, did not act on impulse and also had a premonitory sense that warned him when something was wrong , something like we are all women.

7. Vilma Dinkley

Intelligent and brave, that's how Vilma was, and thanks to her the girls grew up without fearing the monsters and also unmasking them because the faces that look horrifying have more hidden evil.

8. Kim Possible

Kim, the secret agent, taught us that a girl can be delicate and feminine, but also fight tooth and nail to save the world. In addition, she is the safest and most beautiful girl of all.

9. Helga G. Pataki

She is only nine years old, but even at her age Helga already knows that she should not fall in love with any boy, even if she has a huge and beautiful head of the ball.

10. Ashley Spinelli

Spinelli is a tough girl who always had a motto: face all the problems and defend yourself. Weakness is not his thing and the most important thing he taught us is that friendship must always be sincere and loyal.

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