10 Famous people who confessed not to drink a drop of alcohol


The consumption of moderate alcohol has excellent health benefits: it reduces the chances of dying from a heart attack, stroke, stroke or stroke; of having a stroke, diabetes or gallstones. As long as you do not exceed the consumption of two drinks, if you are a man and a drink, if you are a woman.

The problem comes when people can not control their intake and spend the holidays at parties, becoming alcoholics. The bottom has caused several stars have taken the decision to get away from this and other vices. Meet celebrities who avoid alcohol or who have never tasted a drop of a spirit drink.

1. Robert Downey Jr.

One of the most famous actors in Hollywood, he used to live with excesses. However, one day he made the decision not to use alcohol again and lead a healthier life.

2. Natalie Portman

She started drinking at an early age, when she started her career, but she has stated that she is happy that there was no Facebook or Instagram at that time and so nobody noticed. Currently, he has a vegan diet and a very healthy life.

3. Demi Lovato

Recently revealed that just turned 5 years without consuming a single drop of alcohol.

4. David Beckham

The handsome ex-football player says he has not tried alcohol for years and refrains from consuming it.

5. Zac Efron

He began his rehabilitation in 2014. Now he remains sober and tries to help his friends and family, also attends AA meetings. He has declared that he knows that alcoholism is a struggle that never ends.

6. Blake Lively

Although his character Serena Van Der Woodsen likes alcohol, on repeated occasions, Blake has assured that he has never consumed or tried drugs, something worthy of admiration.

7. James Franco

This handsome actor has several years without consuming alcoholic beverages. According to a statement he made to the magazine Rolling StoneAt 17 he was arrested for driving in an inconvenient state and for doing graffiti. Since then he has distanced himself from vices.

8. Kim Kardashian

Despite being invited to a large number of parties, Kim has repeatedly stated her aversion to alcoholic beverages.

9. Ben Affleck

After having spent some time in rehabilitation, Ben preferred to get away from the vices; Although he had some setbacks, his wife, the actress, Jennifer Garner, supports him to be a better father and husband.

10. Eva Mendes

The beautiful actress had some problems with alcohol during her youth. However, the death of one of his closest friends made him decide to leave and receive treatment in 2008.

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