10 Evidence that Emma Watson is not as sweet and kind as Hermione


After playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter saga, Emma Watson rose to fame and earned the recognition of muggles and magicians, she even became one of Hollywood's most beloved and influential actresses.

Despite the fact that the adventures in the magical world ended, Emma maintained a positive and friendly attitude, but with the passage of time it seems that her attitude has changed, generating criticism, loss of fans and job opportunities in the Mecca of Cinema.

1. Elle Awards Awards

During the delivery of the Elle Awards in 2018, the actress was late for more than an hour, she did not give interviews or allowed photos, she just received her prize and went home, bothering the press that waited for hours for an interview.

2. Beauty and the Beast

For the director, Bill Condon, it was difficult to work with Emma, ​​to the extent that changes were made in the script, wardrobe and even in the scenery to please the actress.

3. The La Land?

The actress was about to share the scene with Mile Teller, but there were too many demands, as the rehearsals were in London and the script played in their favor. In the end, the director decided to give Emma Stone the role and the film was a success.

4. Resignations

It is said that the production of The Land He threatened to leave his position if the actress stayed with the leading role, because working with her is complicated.

5. Bad relationship with your fans

Maintains a remote relationship with his fans, does not give autographs or allows photographs unless it is a previously organized event.

6. Unnecessary memory

The production of Harry Potter affirmed that it was difficult to work with her because she learned the lines of her companions and if they were wrong she spent the whole day correcting them.

7. Rejected papers

The actress has rejected various roles because she does not consider them appropriate for your image or because they do not demand an acting challenge. Due to this diverse producers have stopped taking it into account for their films.

8. No friends

Emma does not establish friendly relations with colleagues at work or school, she just does her homework and when the project is over she does not hear from them again.

9. School requirements

Sharing a classroom with Emma was hell for her classmates, who were forbidden from approaching to ask for a photo or an autograph; otherwise, they were suspended or expelled from the university.

10. No interviews, no cameras

His relationship with the press is complicated, most of the time is inaccessible and only grants interviews or photographs at public events.

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