10 Essential garments for every woman: you will have a full wardrobe and a happy heart


Sometimes we complain that we do not have clothes or do not know what to wear, we can be undecided but I think there will be few women who may be in an empty wardrobe situation.

If you are a student or your expenses are distributed in such a way that you do not have money to buy a gift every month, you'd better have basic clothes to combine with each other, and above all without spending as much. Check out these tips that can be very useful if you want to look beautiful and without spending.

1. Offer shoes

You can wait at the end of the season when all stores offer discounts, if you are careful you can get a good pair at a gift price, also be attentive to special sales, such as anniversary or dates like Mother's Day.

2. T-shirt

T-shirts for women tend to be extremely economical, you can find variety of colors and patterns. It is an easy accessory to combine, wash and use on different occasions, it all depends on the accessories or shoes you use to complement your style.

3. Shorts

You can find them in different fabrics, embroidery or denim, they are usually cheap clothes, you just need to find the right store and if you have a worn pair of pants, take a pair of scissors and create your own shorts.

4. Simple dresses

Most clothing stores have a line of that type of simple dress, in different colors, fabrics and shorts, combine them with heels, tennis or sandals, depending on the occasion.

5. Pants baggy

These pants are very comfortable and stylize your waist, have very low prices for the fabric used in their clothing, you can use them with heels for a more formal style or sandals for a bohemian touch.

6. Slim tank tops

Also known as Tank Top are very cheap blouses for its simple confection, you can find different models or buy the same model in different colors, here are the very fashionable crop top.

7. Sweaters in spring season

You just need to wait until the winter ends and start the spring season to find them on sale, store them during the summer in your closet and when the winter comes voil√°.

8. Leggins

This basic piece can be used in all kinds of occasions, it is extremely affordable, easy to wash and combines with almost everything, it also stands out for its comfort.

9. Bodysuits

You can also buy these garments with different designs, you can find them at very low prices and like leggins You can combine them with different accessories, sweaters or jackets.

10. Versatile scarf

Scarves are a basic accessory because you can use them with blouses or dresses to give personality to your look, depending on the material with which they are made, you can use them at any time of the year.