10 Differences between how you were raised vs how millennials parents educate their children


We can not deny that the generations have changed radically, even the way of educating and raising children is very different from what we knew; After all, that's what evolution is all about. Our parents did not have the need to share with their friends everything that happened in their lives and everything they had to learn about raising their children, they would discover it as each situation presented itself.

Modern parents, also known as parents millennials, They are determined that the breeding is free of gluten, that all achievements are recognized even by strangers who are part of their social networks and above all, that their children make use of all kinds of electronic devices. Do you still remember how they educated you? These are the 10 differences between how you were raised and how the generation educates Y to his children.

1. Before the gluten was not scary

It was not something that should be avoided because it was fashionable.

Now, everything has to be organic

And if possible, avoid any food of animal origin.

2. So were the pajama parties

The parents only packed a sleeping bag

Today's parents hire an event organizer

And children do not have to carry a sleeping bag, because the organizers are responsible for decorating the room with beautiful tents.

3. When taking pictures was spontaneous

But they really enjoyed trying to find the best angle.

Now it's all a ritual

They even hire a specialist photographer in sessions with children.

4. How the family looked during the holidays

They had to put on uniforms with a shirt of extravagant colors that reminded them of the place they visited.

Now everyone must look fabulous

As if they were dressed for a fashion show.

5. Birthday parties were only for the family

The cousins, uncles and grandparents would gather to eat some cake.

Today's parties have to be for more than 100 people

And of course, it should include a table with snacks, drinks and a banquet for guests to enjoy the celebration.

6. Posing for a family photo was simple

And it was done in a photo studio.

Modern family photos should be like the cover of a magazine

Parents should make sure to show off their impressive bodies, combined wardrobe and the perfect family pose.

7. The suits of Halloween they were simple and boring

A simple sheet was enough to simulate a ghost. And the costumes Halloween they were only for the children, the parents complied with the task of accompanying them to ask for sweets.

Now they seem to come out of big productions

Even the parents dress up and go out to ask for sweets.

8. The labels were ideal to tell who his son was

If they wanted to show off their children's achievements, the parents put a label on the car.

Now they have to share a photo on Instagram

And dedicate a few words that show how proud they are of them.

9. The jokes were simple and innocent

A cushion of flatulence was enough to make them laugh for hours.

Now everything is taken to the extreme

Just to get followers in the channels of Youtube.

10. The appetizers were simple

The yogurt or gelatin were a great snack.

Now they have to be attractive

Or the children will not eat them.

Millennial Parents on Education: Is Millennial parenting different? (September 2020)