10 decisions of which you will REPENT in 10 years

Living without passion, without purpose or dedication are signs of a weak mentality. Do not fall into the error of the sentence: if only because it indicates that you have lost faith in yourself and you are putting fear and excuses before you to avoid growing up.

One way to make decisions can become a habit and habits are what make up your reality. Learn to be aware of the way you conduct your life and avoid regret in the future of your actions. These 10 situations you can avoid them:

1. Wear a mask to impress others

If you try to hide how you really are to impress a person, you will lose your essence one day. Concentrating on others' perception of you or what everyone wants you to be, will not help you in 10 years. You know in your heart who you are and what is true for you. You do not have to be perfect to inspire others. Impress them by your way of dealing with your imperfections.

2. Change your dreams for what others want for you

The biggest challenge in life is discovering who you are; Then, it is to be happy with what you find. Staying true to your goals and dreams is part of this. Are there people who do not agree with you? Sometimes you will do things considered crazy by others, but if you decide to do what they tell you, you will end up losing the notion of time and want to take back the opportunities that you missed.

3. Negative companies

Do not let someone with a bad attitude affect you. Negative people are an option, but not an obligation. Free yourself from them and you will be choosing compassion instead of anger, generosity instead of greed and patience instead of anxiety.

4. Being self-centered

A life full of acts of love and lived with good character, are the best memory. Those whom you have helped and inspired, with whom you shared your love, will remember you even when you are no longer with them. What you have done just for you is what dies with you.

5. Evade change and growth

If you really want to know your future, watch your actions today. Living from the past does not bear fruit. Take measures to face new challenges and place your lasting success in its true place.

6. Give up in the face of adversity

Search for results If things do not go as you expected, do not give up, those are also results: learn what you can and move on. These are processes that you must live completely to strengthen yourself until the moment of the triumph of your objectives arrives.

7. Try to solve everything

Trying to fix everything, however minimal, will make you choke. You have to relax and let life go by without worries that exceed you, especially when it comes to situations that are not under your control. Learn to let go a little and then receive.

8. Make yourself less than you deserve

Be strong enough to let go of what does not suit you and wise enough to wait and of course, fight for what you deserve.

9. Leave too much for tomorrow

The problem is that you think there is more time than you have, but one day you will wake up and there will be no more opportunities to work on the things you had always wanted to do.

10. Being lazy and flimsy

Stop daydreaming and start doing something. Take responsibility for your life. You are important and others need you active and standing. Do not sit around waiting for the perfect opportunity that will change your life. Someday is today. And whoever does it must be you?

What is Repentance? - What Does Repent Mean? | Jeremiah 34:15-16 Devotional | Bible Study (January 2021)