10 Curious things we do with our dogs Without realizing it!


Dogs are animals that have a great capacity to win a person's heart. Just a tender look, a tail wag and a few licks so you can not help but love them.

If you have fallen in love with your pet, you are probably the most corny person of all when you are with her and on more than one occasion you have done things like these, that you appreciate that nobody has seen. But there is nothing to be ashamed of, precisely that is what love is about. Enjoy your four-legged companion, he is the only being that will never hurt you.

1. Talk to you with a silly voice

How many times have you not made a stupid voice to talk to your pet? Do not worry, you are not the only person who does it: it is very common that when we are in the company of our hairy friend we modify our voice to speak to him. Unfortunately, it may seem that we have a slight mental retardation.

2. Put a nickname every 5 minutes

One of the most difficult things to have a pet is to name it. We broke our heads to find the right one and then: Surprise! We ended up calling him in any way corny, except for his name.

3. Ask a thousand things

As if he were a person. Something like: Who is the most beautiful dog in the world? , who is my baby? Who is the spoiled one? (To these questions add the silly voice that you usually do with them).

4. Kiss him

What is a relationship without kisses? Kissing your pet is one of the most common things: he kisses you, you kiss him, and the two kiss. There is no better way to express the love you feel for him than with a huge kiss on his furry cheek.

5. Invent a voice

We all talk with our dogs, and although he can not answer us, this is not a limitation. On the contrary, it encourages us to invent some strange voice, with which we pretend to respond.

6. Sing to him

Surely on some occasion you have found yourself modifying a letter and singing to your dog at the top of his lungs. To this add that you take it from the legs to dance with you.

7. Congratulate him when he goes to the bathroom

This situation almost always happens when your dog is just learning. If you do it in the right place, you go out of your way flattering it and end up saying amazing things like these: What a beautiful poop! , Who made the most beautiful poop in its place, to see, who?

8. Let them take over your bed

Surely before you had a dog you swore that if you had one, you would never let it be in your bed. Moreover, when your dog came into your life, the first thing you said was: you will never get into my bed, understood? , but now you realize that you can not spend a night without their company.

9. Load it

It does not matter if your dog is small, medium, big or really big. You always look for the way to hold it in your arms, even for a few moments.

10. Celebrate your birthday

Your pet becomes like another member of your family, even, sometimes, it is more important than any other family member. So, every birthday person gets excited and decides to celebrate. A cake, a candle and why not? Even guests.

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