10 Crazy things that happen when she is in love


When we are in love, we act as if we were a different person, and even more so when that special person is next to us. It is an inexplicable feeling, that makes us feel and do things that we would not do in other circumstances.

The infatuation is strange and at the same time a little crazy: it affects us physically through hormones (it has been shown that love affects the brain in a way very similar to cocaine addiction) and psychologically, by our unusual behavior. With these ten examples you will know what I am talking about.

1. Your hormones go haywire

Your cheeks blush, your hands sweat and your heart beats very fast. Your thoughts begin to revolve around a single person. There is nothing you can do: love makes you look a little loc @.

2. You think about him or her all the time

If raising your first thought is for him or her, rest assured that it will occupy a large space in your mind throughout the day. This phenomenon happens unconsciously, because your brain keeps active its back, linked to attention.

3. You smile when you are alone

You know you are in love because you experience a strange feeling of happiness even if he or she is not by your side. It will make you smile a song or a simple picture of Facebook, and the others will wonder why you look so different.

4. You become slightly obsessive

You often find yourself wondering where your anamorad @ is and what it will be doing. At the same time, you remember it when you see something that you like or that you associate with it: even the smallest details.

5. You do embarrassing things

Have you seen any movie scene where the lover throws a stone at his girl's window and breaks it, with great scandal? Today we could change it for a dance in some public place, style flashmob: Many they are recorded and circulate on YouTube.

The point is that being in love makes you do anything to let that special person know that you love her.

6. You consider activities that you do not even like

Falling in love will make you do things that you would not have thought possible before. For example, take yoga or dance classes together (in their case); watch a football or sports game in general (in the case of them).

7. You worry more about your appearance

Now you have a reason to fix yourself and look good. Before leaving you make sure you have already perfumed yourself; you check in the mirror how you look; You start exercising instead of staying in front of the television or computer.

8. Songs of happiness

When you feel in love you feel happy, and that happiness can not always be kept inside you. You express that feeling by humming or singing; maybe even dances without you noticing that they are watching you.

9. You change your habits

You can surprise your partner by stopping to buy your favorite food and even reporting you sick at the office to spend some time with him or her. Although doing these things may be inconvenient for you, you are content to do them. You really enjoy making an effort to please your partner and show him how much you care.

10. You look at it with eyes of love

How the old and known saying says: love is blind. When you are in love, love makes you see that everything your partner does is perfect, interesting or surprising. Every word you say seems magical. You do not see any faults that you might commit, so you easily forgive any details.

Being in love, then, makes us a little crazy, but also immensely happy, because it is exciting and addictive like a drug.

Via: elitedaily