10 Clothing that will help you look like a stylized figure


Finding the right garment to look perfect can be a really difficult task, and if you want to highlight your curves or look thinner, lift your buttocks or have an enviable bust you have to learn to combine all the garments. Also, there are other garments that help you to conceal some areas of your body like those of dark tones.

So do not torment yourself anymore, look good no longer has to be complicated, here we will show you some tricks so you can show a stylized figure and thus steal your looks. You will love it!

1. Vertical stripes

The stripes can betray you when they are not used in the right way, but certainly the vertical stripes help you to stylize the body. For example, if you have little bust and voluptuous hips, they will help you to balance your figure. Eye: you should not saturate your striped outfit, ideally you should wear plain blouses without prints.

2. Wear long clothes

Long clothes will make you feel like a thinner woman, because wearing coats, vests or trench coats long will give an extra height to your body.

3. Try to find high-waisted pants

You must remember that you have to find the pants that balance your body. Usually those who are straight cut and high waist will help you look taller and more sophisticated. In addition they are a garment that if they are of the suitable size they act as a strip in the abdomen to flatten the excess volume, making you look thinner.

4. Use monochromatic colors

This is undoubtedly the best trick. The dark tones are the most flattering because they make you look tall and thin. The monochrome is a great visual trick, and in the world of fashion this effect is used to eliminate the volume of your body, in addition to wear one-color garments will give you elegance, simplicity and mystery, and with an appropriate makeup they will make you focus all the attention on your face.

5. Look for a deeper neckline

Regardless of whether you have a lot of bust or not, the v-necklines give you more space between the neck and the waist, giving the effect that you have a longer shape, and creating a balance on your face. It is also ideal for women with small breasts, because they give more volume in this area.

6. Heels are the answer to everything

Whether you like it or not, the heels are the only ones that can give you one more centimeter. The use of heels helps you accentuate your curves as well as making your legs look sexy and longer.

7. The belts help you hide your abdomen

Concealing your belly and tightening your hips at the same time is possible. The belts are accessories that, placed in the right place and the perfect size will help reduce your waist. One tip you should follow is to use them in the same tone of the dress, so you will not optically divide your figure with a line.

8. Straight skirts

The tube skirts can be your best allies, because these garments sharpen your figure and lengthen your body.

9. Blazer

The blazer or fitted jackets will help you form curves in your body where there are none. It is also a garment that you can wear casually or elegantly at any time of the year.

10. Use prints to balance your body

Most of the times we mistakenly think that prints only add volume to our figure, but the truth is that they help balance the upper and lower part of your body. The printed garments help you create an optical sensation. If your body has bulky hips you should use prints at the top to distract attention and create a visual effect where you will look balanced and stylized.

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