10 clothes lines of celerities that are more beautiful than we would have expected


Celebrities not only act, model or sing, when they join with a prestigious brand they can create incredible designs that their fans love. Also, when they decide to collaborate with a line of garments or products, they ensure that the profits are destined for some charity, because after all they have left over is money, and of course talent.

Surely you still do not know all the celebrity clothing lines, but here we will show you the 10 best contributions artists have made in the world of fashion. Honestly, all the products will delight you and you will want to acquire them, regardless of whether all your savings go to them.

1. Fancy by Jessica Simpson

In recent times, Jessica Simpson's line has become one of the most sought after by women. Because in addition to creating clothes, it also makes shoes, bags, clothes for babies and children and a bit of home decoration. The best thing is that your articles are quite cheap, some pieces only cost 12 dollars and you can buy them in the online store of Nordstrom, Macys or Amazon

2. New York and Company by Gabrielle Union

This clothing line has casual clothes and glamorous coats that are perfect for wear at work or during a weekend outing. You can buy them in the online store of New York and Company.

3. Fenty Puma by Rihanna

The sports line that any fashion lover loves, has comfortable and fun pieces. They also have an elegant touch that will make you feel like a goddess. You can get it in Cougar for fairly affordable prices.

4. Seven7 by Melissa McCarthy

Before Melissa McCarthy chose comedy, she studied to become a fashion designer. Your clothing line has fantastic garments that range from the basics to the elegant. All are designed so that women of all sizes can use them. Get them in your online store.

5. Lingerie plus size by Ashley Graham

The model has been characterized by proudly displaying its curves, and its line of lingerie is an excellent collection of pieces that will make you feel the same way. The sizes range from XL to 4X, and all are extremely sensual. Amazon is the store where you can buy it.

6. Daya by Zendaya

Many of the pieces created by Zendaya are unisex, which makes them easy to combine and also give you a new style. Some of them range from $ 11, so they are accessible to anyone. Get them in your online store.

7. Lauren Conrad for Kohls

Lauren's line is super feminine and fun. Her clothes are full of pastel colors, floral prints and yes, unicorns, and the best thing is that you can get some pieces for only eight dollars. To buy them visit Kohls online store.

8. Draper James by Reese Witherspoon

The Reese line will make you feel like you're in a scene from Legally blonde. Although the pieces are a little expensive, the dresses are beautiful and versatile, it is also worth investing from time to time in a beautiful outfit. You can buy it in the store Draper James.

9. Demi Lovato for Fabletics

This collection is created for women who love sports, but that's not the best of all. The gains of the clothing line benefit the movement Girl Up of the foundation of the United Nations that try to empower women. Further, Fabletics It works as a membership service, so you can get personalized recommendations of the clothes that would fit you best. Buy it in Fabletics.

10. Jennifer Lopez for Kohls

Like the Lauren Conrad line, JLo has a large collection of clothes and accessories that adapt to all body types. Some pieces are so sexy that they will give a different look to your outfit. You can also get it in Kohls.

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