10 Characteristics that make a woman BEAUTIFUL instead of sexy


In general, when you try to describe a woman you degrade her value, for example, it is inaccurate to say that such a woman is beautiful when you are probably only referring to her pretty face or her spectacular body. And it is that this adjective goes further, because only when you know a woman in depth do you realize that physical beauty is only the facade.

Try to describe a woman by the way she speaks or by some of her attributes and you will immediately notice that beautiful or spectacular adjectives make sense.

1. Your passion defines it more than its appearance

They say that there is nothing better than a passionate woman; a girl who is moved by the things she likes, that lives for herself and that does things that come from the heart.

She is a girl worth knowing.

2. Do not feel the need to use makeup all the time

There is nothing wrong with women wearing makeup, however, a girl who does not feel the need to do it and still feels beautiful, shows confidence in herself. You do not need to hide behind makeup to feel beautiful.

3. Does not seek to be the center of attention

A beautiful woman does not have to exaggerate to be the center of attention: she shows confidence, humility and, generally, presents inexplicable qualities that attract.

4. Know how to speak

A woman who is intelligent can captivate anyone with her way of thinking. There is nothing more beautiful than words that fall in love and can turn any girl into the most charming of the universe.

5. You can do it alone

Trust is the key to true beauty: a woman does not have to depend on a man to feel secure. Neither does he need the approval of other people. What he likes about her is precisely that, despite such remarks as A confident woman is the greatest insecurity of a man.

6. It is a mystery

What is more interesting than a woman who has trouble deciphering? Nothing! A beautiful woman is full of surprises. We are discovering his personality as we know it.

7. Do the impossible

A beautiful person does not only worry about herself; He is compassionate and supportive. You can feel trust with her.

8. It is open

There are no limits! With the confidence that distinguishes it, it is open to new ideas, places and people. He is not afraid to experiment. Her boldness and open mind makes her beautiful.

9. Has a soul

A beautiful girl radiates happiness with her smile and the things she does. There is something inside you that makes you want to be always close.

10. She has that no-know-what

You know you have something that you can not describe with words. That special touch, like a shine in your eyes that you have not seen in anyone else. And that is what makes her beautiful.

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