10 Celebrities who managed to say goodbye to the man who never valued them


Is called mutual fatal attraction. They come together, they break apart and the world looks at its catastrophe without losing detail.

Finding the special person with whom we can share our joys and sorrows is everyone's dream. However, despite the good intentions and the excessive displays of love at the beginning of the relationship, the magic can be overshadowed by negative attitudes of our partner that arise over time, capable of changing our behaviors, leading us down a dark path in which many times the road has no return. Unless you manage to find self-love.

1. Rihanna

Partner: Chris Brown

They were the fashionable couple until in 2009 the rapper gave him a beating Rihanna shortly before the Grammy Awards. After the violent incident, Brown was sentenced to five years in prison who eventually served on parole when entering a rehabilitation program for abusers and on condition of not approaching less than 50 meters from the singer.

2. Amber Heard

Partner: Johnny Depp

What seemed like a fairytale relationship ended up becoming a real nightmare. Their marriage started very well and ended up as one of the most talked-about divorces since 2018 to date. According to Amber, Johnny mistreated her during almost all their relation, reason why it interposed a order of distance. Now he says that everything is a lie.

3. Selena Gomez

Partner: Justin Bieber

A long intermittent relationship that began in 2011 and ended in 2018 definitively. From the beginning, Selena was the target of cyber attacks by the beliebers. Added to this, the singer's infidelities sounded emotionally exhausting. They became co-dependent on each other, and rumors about their return repeatedly proved true.

In 2018 Selena dedicated herself completely to take care of her health after her kidney transplant; Justin married model Hailey Baldwin. However, recently there were rumors that Justin and Hailey are about to divorce because he is still seeing Selena.

4. Britney Spears

Partner: Kevin Federline

She was the star of the moment and fell in love with the dancer Kevin Federline, not knowing that she would become his cross. They married in 2004 and had two children: Sean Preston and Jayden James. His strange relationship was aired in the program Britney & Kevin: Chaotic. After her breakup in 2006, Britney began using drugs, lost custody of her children and set aside her career. Now she is recovered and her ex-husband admitted that during the relationship he took advantage of the artist's money.

5. Lindsay Lohan

Partner: Egor Tarabasov

It seemed that Lindsay had found the happiness of the hand of the Russian millionaire Egor Tarabasov, but this did not last long since a video appeared in which the Russian tried to strangle her. Although she wanted to justify it, only a few days later the couple carried out a violent incident on the beach.

6. Tina Turner

Partner: Ike Turner

Harmful relationships are not problems now; Tina Turner also lived one together with her husband, Ike. They met when the singer was only 17 years old, they got married and started making music together. But the infidelities, the abuse of drugs and the bad treatment by Ike ended up breaking love. Finally, in 1976, Tina left him and started a solo career.

7. Pamela Anderson

Partner: Tommy Lee

The rocker Tommy Lee, with whom he was married three years, beat him, so he was in jail for four months. In addition, Pamela was infected with hepatitis C by sharing a needle to tattoo with her then husband. Despite what happened, they broke up and returned several times until the final break came.

8. Jessica Simpson

Partner: John Mayer

The couple was together for a year in which they broke constantly. Then John assured in an interview that Jessica was like a drug in privacy for him.

And drugs are not good for you if you abuse them. That girl is like cocaine to me, but not something I want to have by my side for the rest of my life.

Some time later Jessica appeared crying in an interview with Oprah and talking about the damage caused by John.

9. Kate Moss

Partner: Pete Doherty

The blonde model can boast of having done what she wanted with her life: being the most beautiful girl of the moment, working with prestigious designers, earning millions of dollars a year and being a girlfriend of Pete Doherty, a rocker who introduced her to the consumption of drugs They lived a crazy life until in 2005 The Sun He posted a picture of both of them using cocaine. The brands canceled their contracts and was exiled to anonymity. Before the definitive rupture, he started a treatment to detoxify himself.

10. Madonna

Partner: Sean Penn

They married in 1985 and had a destructive relationship for four years. Sean had problems with alcohol and mistreated her. She says that on some occasion he hit her with a baseball bat, leaving her hospitalized for several days. She never filed charges against her husband, but the mistreatment did not stop until she decided to take him away from her life.

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