10 Celebrities who left their boyfriend in turn to say YES to the girl of his dreams


Well they say that in war and in love everything is worth, but the truth is that when the heart speaks there is no one to change his mind, that is why there are famous women who have left aside their relationship formal with the boy in turn to make way for the woman of his dreams.

That's right, you just read well, these girls were slow to recognize their love and preferred to keep up appearances after a relationship that did not make them happy, until the moment of surrender completely arrived.

1. Amber Heard

It has become one of the most visible references of the bisexual movement among celebrities. The popularity of the actress reached the top with his relationship with Johnny Depp and after their stormy separation, it was speculated about his relationship with the photographer iO Tillett Wright.

2. Angelina Jolie

The first marriage of the actress was with the British actor Jonny Lee Miller and ended in when she began a relationship with model Jenny Shimizu. The couple had their ups and downs until the actress met Billy Bob Thornton and went back to step on the altar with a man.

3. Kristen Stewart

The relationship between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson lasted longer than some of us expected. They had their crises, they tried to solve them, until, finally, they broke up. Since then, Stewart has only dated women; the first of them was her exasistent Alicia Cargile.

4. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan, is a very controversial actress who has turned the last years of her life into: party nights and excesses; for two years he maintained a stormy relationship with the DJ Samantha Ronson, in fact, left Callum Best for her.

5. Cynthia Nixon

He broke a sixteen-year relationship with his ex-partner Danny Mozes, the father of his two children. The star of Sex and the City, He started a relationship with the activist Christine Marinoni, with whom he continues at present.

6. Anne Heche

Actor Steve Martin was dating Anne Heche, but she left him a week after meeting comedian Ellen DeGeneres at the party Vanity Fair of the Oscars in 1997. Both women made public their relationship that lasted three years.

7. Portia de Rossi

Ellen DeGeneres was not the first woman with whom the actress Portia de Rossi had a relationship. After getting married in the late 90s with Mel Metcafle, the actress realized that no matter how hard she tried, she could not fall in love with her husband. His interests were focused more on his sister.

8. Lauren Morelli

The Serie Orange is the new black He has changed the lives of many of his actresses. But none like the screenwriter Lauren Morelli, who was married to Steve Basilone, when he began recording the series had been together for six years. Then, he realized that what happened to many characters also happened to her and began a romance with the actress Samira Wiley.

9. Kelly McGillis

McGillis, shot to fame thanks to the movie Top Gun. After being married for two years with her lifelong boyfriend, the actress filed for divorce and began a relationship with a woman.

10. Kristanna Loken

Known, for his role in Terminator 3 and the series The L World, the actress reached certain popularity thanks to a romance with the also actress Michelle Rodriguez. Loken had been married to a man for a couple of years, until she fell madly in love with a woman and decided to break up her marriage.

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