10 Celebrities who in their youth were really ATTRACTIVE


Old age does not forgive, not even famous actors. The years have brought them wrinkles and gray hair; maybe a few kilos more or some spots on the skin, but some of them used to be beautiful, attractive, seductive or with a great personality. In these photographs you can see how they have changed, you will be surprised with Dumbledor!

1. Clint Eastwood

Famous for its appearance in television series and genre movies western, Clint Estwood is an actor, director, producer and scriptwriter, winner of Ã? Scar awards for films Unforgiven-The unforgivables (1992) and Million dollar baby-Hitting the destination (2004).

2. Betty White

Betty White began her career in television in 1939, singing songs for a Los Angeles channel. She made her last television series in 2012 and is considered the actress with the longest career.

3. Michael Caine

Michael Caine is a British actor who won two Ã? Scar awards. He began his career as a theater actor in England. He is multifaceted and has acted in numerous films at his maturity. One of his most famous roles is Alfred, in the series of films of Batman.

4. Audrey Hepburn

This British actress icon of the golden age of Hollywood for its beauty and elegance. Jump to fame with the movie Breakfast at TiffanysBreakfast at Tiffanys (1961). He died of cancer in 1993.

5. Michael Gambon

Irish-British actor, he debuted in the film Othello (1962), but we all remember him as the famous Albus Dumbledore in the series of films based on the Harry Potter books.

6. Judi Dench

British actress recognized with the title of Queen by Queen Elizabeth II, debuted professionally in 1954, but we remember her for her active recent career. He played, for example, M, the boss of James Bond in Skyfall (2012).

7. Christopher Walken

He started as a storyteller for a television program in 1953. He acted in Pulp Fiction (1994) and Catch Me If You Can (2002). One of his latest films is Jersey Boys (2014), where he plays Ángelo.

8. Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman is a British actor, director, screenwriter and producer, considered as the actor of actors. He has appeared in movies as Bram Stocker's Dracula (1992), Harry Potter and the prisoner of Askaban (2004) and Harry Potter and the à © rden of the Phoenix (2007), as well as in the Batman movie series, Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

9. James Spader

Their roles have been generally eccentric, psychological and dramatic, in films such as Sex, lies and video (1989) or The Secretary (2002), with Maggie Gyllenghaal. He recently starred in the television series The blacklist (2013) and as Ultron in the movie The Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015).

10. Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro, multi-talented actor, director and film producer, began his career in 1963 in the film The Wedding Party. He began to gain fame thanks to his appearance in the movies The Godfather II (1974), who gave him his first Ã- scar, and Taxi Driver (1976), together with Jodie Foster girl. He has gone from dramatic roles like gangster to comedy, where he made the unforgettable Jack Byrnes in Meet the parents (2002) with Ben Stiller, in his sequel Now the parents are them (2004) and finally, Little Fockers (2010).

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