10 celebrities who auditioned for Twilight and did not have the role


Twilight It was one of the most successful literary sagas in the cinema. Its protagonists came to stay in the heart of all twiligherts by playing Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan. But can you imagine other celebrities interpreting these characters?

Surely not, but you must know that before Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson rose to fame, there were other actors who auditioned to stay with the characters. Here we show you some of them.

1. Henry Cavill

It was the first choice of the writer Stephine Mayers to play Edward Cullen, but the actor was too big and did not seem the age that the role required.

2. Vanessa Hudgens

She was about to play Leah Cleatwater but Julia Jones won the character.

3. Annalynne McCord

She was considered for the role of Rosalie, but she was the one who rejected it knowing that it would be recorded in Oregon and not in Los Angeles, because she thought it was a small film.

4. Lily Collins

He confessed that one of his first auditions was to play Bella Swan. Then we met her for her character in the movie The Mortal Instruments. By the way, does anyone know what happened to the continuation?

5. Francis Bean Cobain

The daughter of Kurt Cobain was about to do the casting to play Isabella, but the script was not to his liking.

6. Cam Gigandet

Actually he was not rejected at any time. He had even obtained the role of Emmet, but when reading the script he wanted to play James, his physical qualities did not fit the character.

7. Jennifer Lawrence

I wanted to be Bella Swan but I could not against Kristen Stewart. However, he says he is happy that he did not keep the paper.

8. Lucy Hale

He added for the character of Alice Cullen but Ashley Greene won it. By the way, Ashley tried 5 times to stay with Bella's character.

9. Michelle Trachtenberg

The famous Georgina de Gossip Girl competed for the role of Bella Swan without success.

10. Matt Lanter

I also wanted to be Edward but they did not consider it beautiful enough. Who was in charge of the casting? By the way, he did not give up and I play the character in the movie Vampires Sucks, which is a parody of the saga.

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