10 Beauty tricks that you must take into account and will change your life


Women are addicted to two things: to beauty products and tricks that help us preserve our beauty products.

We love tricks because we have an obsession with time, and whatever saves us a little will always be welcome. So before you spend more time and money on products that solve small problems in your beauty routine, you need to see these 10 tips that will leave you wanting to try them right now.

1. Clean your brushes with body lotion

A very easy way to keep your makeup brushes clean and ready to use. Use a bit of your favorite body lotion, or even make-up remover. Remember to do this procedure at least once a week.

2. Small curls defined with a pencil

If you have straight hair and you die to see your curly hair you need to try this terrific trick to create a base in your hair without paying a stylist.

3. Vaseline on the top of your enamel

It is the perfect remedy to stop suffering when trying to open your favorite enamel when you have the hardened enamel plaques on the lid. With a swab and a little Vaseline you will achieve that the lid of your enamel does not get stuck.

4. Spray spray on your comb and not on your hair

Take a comb, spray it with hair spray, and immediately comb in position opposite to the root of a lock. This trick will help your hair look thick and thick, but without the horrible knots that the spray leaves when you apply it too close.

5. Use a sponge instead of a brush to blur your base

The diffusing sponge has the advantage of absorbing enough makeup, while spreading it on your face evenly. Forget about the makeup plaster on your face, the sponge should be your best friend from now on.

6. A magnetic bar to organize your beauty items

This is a great idea that will help you keep all your beauty items in the bathroom tidy. You can have at hand tweezers and scissors for the eyebrows, or the hair pins that are so lost to us.

7. Learn to use your perfume in key places

These tips to spray your favorite fragrance in strategic points of your body will help you so that the aroma lasts all day.

8. Cooking oil spray to dry the enamel

In times of urgency you can run to your kitchen and spray some cooking oil spray, and although it sounds weird and do not believe it, it works!

9. Make your own lip scrub with this simple recipe:

One tablespoon of sugar, one tablespoon of fine salt, 3 drops of olive oil, 1/4 of crushed lip balm.

Mix these ingredients and apply it with your fingers (or with a toothbrush with very soft bristles so you do not hurt yourself) and with circular movements massage your lips.

10. Take care of your hair with dry shampoo

Any stylist will confirm that the ideal thing for your hair is not to wash it daily, because you take away the natural keratin that your body produces. So the dry shampoo is the best to keep your hair healthy and strong, while still feeling fresh and clean.