10 Basic garments for a new office wardrobe; Ready for your work life?


Maybe nobody has told you, but after the university the real challenges begin; Yes, because you must start working life. Where to go to ask for a job, what clothes are suitable for an interview and what is the best option to look professional without exaggerating, are some of the questions that go through your head. Maybe we can not solve the first question, but we can help you a bit to find the clothes that can make a good impression.

There are some basic attire that you can use in your job interview or when you are already working in a company. So here are the 10 tips that will help you start your professional life with the right foot.

1. You must have some stilettos blacks

This type of shoes, in addition to combining with everything, is very elegant and will make you look very professional. Remember that you must also acquire a pair of flats black for when you want a look more relaxed, but do not lose the glamorous touch.

2. Try to buy one or two blazers of different colors

They are indispensable in the wardrobe of a professional girl. You can lean on various colors and styles, such as the fitted or the relaxed oversize. With a dress, shirts and even jeans they are perfect.

3. Dresses with a V-neckline are a good option

This type of clothes will give you a chic and sophisticated touch, but remember that once you find your dress you need the right shoes and accessories, they will be responsible for making it stand out. For a V-neck, eye-catching necklaces are ideal and, in terms of shoes, the ones with a square heel fit well.

4. White shirt

There is no better blouse to go to work than a classic white shirt. They are the perfect wild card for any other item with which you choose to wear it, for example, you can wear it with jeans, skirts of leather or cotton, under a jumpsuit, with trousers and even with shorts. To give a striking touch just choose a bright necklace or color.

5. High-rise pants

These pants are very versatile, because they give you a classic look but also youthful. It has some variants that look good with any blouse you choose, they are cut skinny, width or cut oxford.

6. White collar shirts

Although there are hundreds of options in terms of blouses, the ideal is to have a pair with a white collar at hand. They are quite formal and you can also use a tie or a cute necklace to complement your outfit.

7. Pencil skirt

You should always have a skirt like that in your closet. They are quite formal and perfect for when you have an important meeting.

8. Square-heeled shoes

This type of shoes is perfect to complement your look of office worker. With them you will feel much more comfortable, especially if you have to walk from one place to another, rest assured that you will not get tired and you will look very professional.

9. Bags of all sizes

At least you must have three of different sizes and colors, but try to be dark or light tones to match better with your outfits. But if you have one in red, excellent!

10. You do not have to forget to use jeans

If they are white or black you can use them with a white blouse or a blazer.

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