10 Barbie movies that will give you a direct blow to nostalgia


The Barbie doll has a great empire, among accessories, toys, luxury miniatures and even movies. And speaking of the latter, have you ever had the opportunity to enjoy watching Barbie perform? And not in a live action, but in the cartoon tapes that some years ago were on television.

How to remember is to live again, here are 10 Barbie movies that you enjoyed when you were little. So prepare the popcorn, dust off your favorite doll and get ready to enjoy a totally pink marathon, full of unicorns, ballet and lots of fantasy.

1. Barbie in The Nutcracker

Barbie and her sister Kelly are ballet dancers who are preparing for an important presentation, the problem? The little girl feels that she can not perform the dance steps and she wants to give up. To motivate her, Barbie tells the story of a young woman who receives a gift on Christmas Eve. nutcracker that has the heart of a prince inside.

2. Barbie Rapunzel

The classic story is told by Barbie to her little sister Kelly when she thinks she is not talented enough to paint a painting. Barbie tells him that Rapunzel is a young woman with long hair who lives locked in the tower of a castle and all the fight she will have against Greta, the sorceress who made her captive, to get out of there.

3. Barbie in Swan Lake

Tells the story of Odette, a young maid who lives with her father. One day, while taking a walk, he observes a unicorn in the distance, chases him and arrives at an enchanted forest where he pierces a magic crystal. Immediately he realizes that there is a legend that says that the one who can move the crystal will be in charge of defeating the evil Rothbart. Odette is turned into a swan but later she will meet Daniel, a prince who will help her break the spell that Rothbart did to her.

4. Barbie in The princess and the plebeian

The princess Annelise and the humble seamstress Erika are physically identical, as if they were twin sisters, the problem is that their hair color is different as well as their lifestyle. In an important turn they meet and become best friends, even take the place of the other when Prince Dominick wants to marry Annelise.

5. Barbie: Fairytopia

Elina is a fairy who lives in a world called Fairytopia, a place inhabited by fairies. But not everything is rosy for Elina, she has no wings and suffers because I could not fly. Soon you will discover that you are under a spell that you must break with the help of your best friends.

6. Barbie's diary

Barbie, Tia and Courtney are three best friends who have a rock band and attend high school. One fine day, when going to the mall, the cashier of the store gives them a bracelet that is the key to a diary; there the girls will begin to tell their stories of teenagers.

7. Barbie Butterfly and her fairy friends

Barbie is a fairy who lives in the Flutterfield kingdom. One day the misfortune arrives at the place and the queen falls ill, this causes that the light begins to extinguish, that the flowers wither and that the happiness finishes. It will be Barbie's task to find the solution and save the life of her people.

8. Barbie in a mermaid adventure

When Liah turns 16 he receives a shocking surprise: he can breathe underwater and talk to marine animals! Then her grandfather confesses that she is the daughter of a mermaid and a human being. Upon discovering her new powers, the young mermaid has the responsibility to save her mother, which she does not yet know, and also to overthrow the reign of the evil mermaid Eris.

9. Barbie School of princesses

The family of Blair (Barbie) does not have a very good economic situation, so she has to work to move them forward. Your life will take an unexpected turn when you win a contest to enter a princess school.

10. Barbie and the three musketeers

Corinne's dream has always been to become a musketeer of the royal house in France as was her father DArtagnan. As time passes, she meets Viveca, Aramina and Renée, three friends who share her dream. The girls discover a plot against King Luis and will do everything possible to defend it.

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