10 Amazing BENEFITS of getting married really YOUNG


For society it is difficult to understand that today more young couples decide to get married. They always ask themselves the same question: Why do not they travel and live different experiences before making such a big commitment?

Marriage is a challenge, and getting married at a young age is even more so, but it also prepares you to face various obstacles. When you're young, it's not all about romantic acts or bad decisions. There is much more you can share in life.

1. They grow together

When you marry young, you have endless moments in which both are constantly changing, both physically and mentally. They will go a long way, how to mature, finish their studies, buy furniture for their home (and get one), different jobs and endless achievements. As I said, it's a long road, but it's nice to have someone as a witness during that process.

2. There is less luggage

The two have a separate past, but not too many important prior relationships. Marriage will be their first adult relationship, so together they will write their own love story. Privacy, your home, pets and adventures will be shared together, and the largest luggage will always be two.

3. It is easy to combine their lives

In many ways, it is quite easy to unite their lives. They do not have as many habits and established patterns of adult life to change. Instead, they develop a system and a rhythm as they progress, and there are fewer complications. Building a life together will start from a single base, and you will not have to find a way to merge two separate structures.

4. They learn hard lessons sooner rather than later

Getting married at an early age helps you get rid of the idea of ​​living happily ever after long before resentment or bitterness comes to your heart.

Marriage offers lessons from the real world on aspects such as sacrifice, commitment, companionship and unconditional love. It is difficult to change and grow with another person, no matter how old you are, but the younger you are, the effort and struggle will teach you that you can make better versions of yourself.

5. They do not waste money (because basically they do not have any)

Your wedding will probably be very simple, and that is perfectly acceptable and understood by all. As the days pass, they will realize that they have to be organized and careful with their money.

6. They have low expectations

If you marry when you are young, do not wait for a decade for the indicated one, or a magical moment for your stars to be aligned. You think that your partner is what you want, as it is at that moment. Life is what it is. No stories of disappointments. Instead, they can choose to live and stay in love.

7. They will share every disappointment and every achievement

You will pass through endless apartments on the verge of collapse and empty bank accounts before you have a comfortable life. Everything they achieve separately or together will be a reason for celebration for both.

8. They will have crazy and funny memories

Something you can thank is that your husband will have many memories of you when you were young; of that romance that they lived full of passionate moments. It's exciting that I saw you grow and that you experienced so many changes, always together.

9. They remain happy

According to a 2013 study by the National Marriage Project, the most satisfied couples are those between 20 and 28 years old. In fact, those who reported their marriage as very happy were in large part those from 24 to 26 years of age. Another study showed that married people between the ages of 22 and 25 are more likely to achieve a lasting marriage.

10. You have all the time in the world

Even if the marriage collapses and both decide to take opposite directions, they will still have a lot of time in their lives to have another chance. They will have learned important lessons about marriage and matured in the aspects that needed to mature. On the other hand, that young marriage (forgetting about the worst scenario) can give you a lot more time with the person you would like by your side in all the stages of your life and who can love you differently in each one of them. That person who is the only one who has been there in each achievement and overcome the difficult moments with you. Who knows each version of you.

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