10 Actors who did not know they were DEAD I can not believe it!


There are celebrities that we do not remember because, over time, the roles they played were forgotten. Circumstances, perhaps, have not helped to continue talking about them.

If you have ever wondered what happened to them, in this list you will find out.

1. Heath Ledger

Remembered by characters like the Joker, in Batman: the knight of the night, which earned him an Ã? scar; Patrick in 10 things I hate about you, or the controversial cowboy Secret in the mountain, and movies like The patriot (2000), Knight's heart (2001), Monsters Ball (2002), Ned Kelly (2004) or The Brothers Grimm (2005), the Australian actor was found dead at 28 in his apartment. Apparently it was due to intoxication due to the effects caused by controlled medications.

2. Brandon Lee

The son of Bruce Lee died while filming one of the scenes of the film The Raven, in which his character was shot. One of the bullets from the revolver that was used remained on the drum and went unnoticed by the production team. He was also 28 years old.

After the death of the actor rumors ran that the scene of the shot was included in the end of the film.

3. Noriyuki Pat Morita

He died in 2005, at 73 years of age, at his home in Las Vegas, of natural causes. We will all remember him for his famous role of Mr. Miyagi from the movie Karate Kid.

4. Raúl Julia

His fame was due to his role as Homer in The Adams family. He died of a heart attack in New York on October 24, 1995. His remains were transferred to Puerto Rico.

5. Michael Clarke Duncan

We remember him for movies like Armageddon, Unexpected Miracles, The City of Sin, Daredevil. The actor died at 54 years of age of a cardiac arrest.

6. Bernie Mac

In 2005 the actor began to develop respiratory problems. The cause of his death, in 2008, was a strong pneumonia, when he was at the peak of his career. He is remembered for the film series of The big scam and for his role in Charlie's Angels.

7. Natasha Richardson

I work in films like Game of Twins, It Happened in Manhattan, The Russian Countess and Nell, as well as in numerous plays on Broadway.

While skiing in Canada with her husband, actor Liam Neeson, and her children, she suffered a fall, which caused her death in 2009. The actress was 45 years old and in her honor, the Broadway stages turned out their lights.

8. Vincent Schiavelli

He was one of the most peculiar faces of Hollywood in the 80s. He played supporting roles in films such as Amadeus, Ghost, 007: tomorrow never dies, Batman returns, among other.

He died on December 26, 2005, aged 57, in Italy, due to lung cancer he suffered.

9. John Ritter

He will always be remembered for his role as Ben the father of Junior in My poor angel. Although the series Apartment for three was the one that made him one of the most beloved actors in the United States.

He died in 2002 while recording the second season of the series Not with my daughters, because of an aortic dissection.

10. Brittany Murphy

She was known for films like: Mile 8, Interrupted innocence, Just Married, Schizophrenia, Little great friends, with Dakota Fanning, and the one that would take her to the start of her career, Clueless. He also participated in different television series.

The death of this beautiful actress of 32 years occurred on December 20, 2009. It is rumored that it was poisoning, although the causes have not been clarified so far.

10. Thuy Trang

Known for playing the yellow Power Ranger in the first version of the series, this young actress died at 27 years of age in a car accident.

11. Jeff Conaway

Known for playing the role of Dani Zucko's best friend, Kenickie, in Vaseline, eThe actor died at age 60, in May 2011, from an overdose of drugs.

12. Jonathan Brandis

This young actor is remembered for appearing in the horror movie Item (That) in 1990. Drug use led him to commit suicide in 2007, at 27 years of age.

13. Lucy Gordon

Model and actress, known above all for interpreting a brief role in Spiderman 3, committed suicide at age 28 in his Paris apartment. The actress suffered from a depression that led her to hang herself while her partner slept.

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