10 Actors who deserved the Ã? Scar and still have not been able to win any


Some actors stand out for their brilliant talent. Entries within your movies simply leave you speechless. They enjoy a good appearance, have charisma and are extraordinarily chameleonic on the big screen. However, they have never been recognized by the great Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

They have been nominated on multiple occasions, but they have always seen the long-awaited golden statuette that all the actors of the cinema want, the famous Oscar, pass before their eyes. Their merits have never been recognized, but we know they are worthy of the prize. They are the 10 actors who should have won an Oscar.

1. Edward Norton

The actor was nominated a couple of times for the Ã? Scar awards, the first time was in 1996 for his debut performance in the film Primal Fear, although he only received a gold balloon. Other films for which he has been nominated were The root of fear, and his amazing performance in the movie American history X.

2. Winona Ryder

The actress was nominated twice, in 1994 and 1995, for her role in the movies Little Women Y The Age of Innocence. Although his interpretation was memorable, he failed to win on either occasion.

3. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has been nominated three times to the Academy for his roles in the films: Born on the fourth of July, Jerry Maguire and Magnolia.

Despite this, and thanks to the series Mission Impossible, has become one of the richest men in Hollywood, in addition to prove as producer and director.

4. Michelle Williams

Although she has won a lot of awards around the world, Michelle Williams has never won an Oscar, she has only been nominated three times, the first one in 2006 for the film Secret in the mountain, in 2011 by Blue Valentine and in 2012 by My week with Marilyn.

5. Johnny Deep

The actor of 50 years has participated and interpreting a large number of roles where he has surprised us. This has made him win the unconditional love of the public. Johnny Deep has been nominated three times by the Academy: in 2003 for the role of Jack Sparrow in the film Pirates of the Caribbean, in 2004 for the movie Discovering Neverland and in 2008 as best actor in the movie Sweeney Tood: The diabolical barber of Fleet Street.

6. Naomi Watts

The Australian actress has been awarded more than 60 awards, although she lacks recognition from the Academy. She has been nominated twice as best actress: in 2004 for the movie 21 grams and in 2013 by The impossible. For the movie Birdman won the renowned Actors Guild Award.

7. Ralph Fiennes

The romantic villain of cinema continues to wait for the Academy to recognize his great acting work. Some of his films have been more successful than others. In 1993 the movie Schindler's List He managed to get 12 Oscar nominations and won 7 awards, but none included the best lead actor. The same thing happened with the movie The English Patient where he was nominated for best actor, but did not get the long-awaited statuette.

8. Amy Adams

Maybe you think that with more than 100 nominations and 60 awards won the actress would also have among his statuettes the much acclaimed Ã? Scar, but the truth is that he has never won, despite the fact that five times has been nominated: for the films Junebug in 2006, The doubt in 2009, The fighter in 2011, The master in 2013 and American Scandal in 2014.

9. Gary Oldman

Although critics call him the best British actor of our time, Gary Oldman has never received an Oscar. He was nominated on a single occasion for the movie The spy who knew too much in 2012. Gary is the great teacher of transformation and he has demonstrated it successfully in films like Dracula, The fifth element and many more that we will always remember.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio

Everyone has witnessed the multiple occasions in which the actor has been close to winning an Oscar. He has a large number of roles where he has shown that he is multifaceted and very talented, but still has not been recognized by the Academy. The last time he received a nomination was in 2014 for the movie The wolf of Wall Streetbut the movie Gravity Director Alfonso Cuarón swept most of the awards.

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