1.55m model changes the old standards of beauty and seizes the catwalks


More and more rebellious girls are revolutionizing the fashion industry, showing that all women are different and that the stereotype of the tall, thin woman with perfect skin and dazzling smile is becoming obsolete. Now it is about giving more security to young women and eliminating false standards.

One of the models that has led this movement is Amina Blue, 24, who is the source of inspiration for the clothing line created by the rapper and designer Kanye West: Yeezus. This girl has proven that you do not have to follow a rule to succeed.

The perfect combination

Born in Queens, with Pakistani father and German mother, is an exotic mix that attracts attention. But without a doubt, what stands out most about this woman is her height: 1.55 meters.

I always liked makeup, shopping and all those girlish things. But I was too short, so I knew that being a model would be impossible.

Nothing stopped her to achieve her dreams

But the barriers only exist in people's minds and she set out to triumph, so she did not let herself be overcome by all the rejections she received when starting her career. Blue began to succeed doing cameos in videos of famous rappers like: 50 Cent, A $ AP Ferg and Future, until it caught Kanye West's attention; At that time he started modeling for his brand.

In the past I was rejected by my stature, but little by little, the fashion world is accepting that not all girls are tall and thin, and I like to think that I have contributed to that in some way.

An unstoppable woman

She says that the key to her success is her self-confidence. He knows that his example serves to stop women from comparing themselves with supermodels. Also, it takes a lot of work, effort and dedication, but it is something you are willing to do to reach your goals.

Blue is an activist, she thinks that no animal should die suffering and that's why she also has a vegan diet. His motto of life is:

Do what you want, anyway people will say what they want.

With many plans for the future

She is currently working on different projects, such as creating a line of shoes designed by herself. She knows that she has to work and make everything count, only that way she will become the best version of herself.

Another one who also loves this girl is Carine Roifeld, former editor of Vogue Paris, thanks to her, Amina appears in the book CR Girls 2016, a kind of portfolio with the most iconic faces of the current fashion industry. It shows models of the likes of Irina Shayk, Barbara Palvin or Bella Hadid.

It's time for a revolution in the catwalks

The new stage in the fashion industry is evident: one where it will no longer be possible to establish a unique concept of beauty, but every day we can see new faces that will serve to identify with them and not fall into unattainable concepts.

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